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Perth Commercial Property Outlook 2022

Following on from the big year in 2021 for Commercial and Industrial real estate, 2022 is set to continue the upward trend. We look at the numbers and explore the best suburbs.

8 Tips to Increase Your Commercial Property Value

Making your commercial property in Perth more attractive to buyers is a great way to increase its value, benefitting both the buyer and you. Whether that be improving the exterior, adding amenities, or changing leasing companies, these are a few tips which could help you out.

Commercial Warehouse for Sale: Top Considerations

Buying an investment property such as a commercial warehouse can be a daunting prospect. Whether it is an old warehouse for sale, converted or brand new one, it involves a large outlay of money and comes with its own risks and rewards.

stamp duty for commercial property wa

Is There Stamp Duty When Buying a Commercial Property?

Stamp duty, or transfer duty as it is now known as in Western Australia, is a government tax that is payable on most property transactions. When purchasing commercial or industrial property in WA, it’s important to understand what stamp duty is, what rate of duty will apply to a given transaction, and what it means […]

GST commercial property

What is the GST on a commercial property purchase?

The sale of each commercial property is a unique transaction and will often attract GST. Planning to factor in the GST (goods and services tax) into your budget is a wise move on your property investment journey.


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